Good Question

What are Wild Cafes? (What is a Wildcafe?)

When you travel, don't you always ask - where can I get a great cup of Coffee?

Those are WildCafes and they are also so much more...

#1 Reach

WildCafes ( is a global coffee platform that recognizes 10 cafes across 6 continents annually as cafes that you must visit.

#2 Magical Spaces

WildCafes – are magical spaces, where the coffee is great, the food is phenomenal, their décor & interior are unforgettable, the staff and owner put you first and their purpose & contribution to their local and global community is clear.

#3 Unique

WildCafes – can be large or tiny, they are hard to reach or easy to find, they can be across the street or 1000 miles away.

#4 Special

WildCafes – make you feel special and in that way – they are also special.

#5 Growth

WildCafes – are not perfect but they seek it every day with every cup.

#6 Love

WildCafes – remind us why we love coffee, food, cafes, culture, travel and our humanity.

Because we believe, coffee can be a force for good

We invite you all to celebrate to your favorite WildCafes Community Based Signature Projects by contributing through the donate to the episode/cafe link in the on our website.