Visiting Kampala - Uganda

Explore the vibrant cityscape of Kampala, Uganda, the soul of East Africa. Kampala skillfully combines the lighthearted pace of daily life with the sombre beauty of its rich cultural diversity, from the busy markets to the tranquil shores of Lake Victoria. The city is accessible by bus, car, ship or plane with international and local airports ranging from 15 – 20 minutes away.

As you navigate the city’s tumultuous streets, be prepared to dance to the lively beat of boda-bodas weaving through traffic, not forgetting the jam-packed 14-seater taxis squeezing through tiny crevices. For the hustlers in Kampala, it is a matter of survival. The city’s enduring spirit, however, is hidden beneath all the mayhem. Also Boda Bodas… everywhere!

The story behind the city’s present name, Kampala, is as captivating as its scenery. Legend has it that the city earned its name from the impalas that once roamed the area freely. The Baganda people, the largest ethnic group in Uganda, referred to the area as “kasozi k’empala,” meaning “the hill of impalas.” Over time, its name evolved into the vibrant city we now call Kampala.

As you traverse the avenues of the city, allow yourself to indulge in a wide variety of healthy cultural delicacies. Kampala takes pride in offering a wide variety of delectable cuisines. Starting with a Cassava or Avocado Toast Breakfast at Endiro Cafe and progressing to easy to access hearty luwombo and matooke in the heart of the city.  How can you pass up the opportunity to savour a Ugandan Rolex , a craft of slightly burnt fried eggs wrapped in an oil-submerged chapati (a local flatbread) and nyanya mbissi (raw tasty tomatoes)? It is by far the most succulent sensation, a serious contender for the title of Uganda’s unofficial national dish.

Explore the Uganda Museum’s hallways for a more tranquil diversion; here, the nation’s history and customs are fascinatingly but seriously preserved. Every artifact has a story, a playful dance between the past and present, which you will discover as you explore.

And when it’s dusk and local televisions playing the news, let the city’s sunset transport you to the upbeat acoustics at upscale establishments or the rhythms of Ndere Troupe performances. Venture into the city’s vibrant nightlife, which lasts until the break of dawn.

What are you waiting for, then? Pack your sense of adventure and get ready to be embraced by the playful and serious charm of Kampala, a city that invites you to dance to its rhythm while leaving a lasting imprint in your memory.

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