Project 1: The Uganda Child Education project

Children from St.Joseph Musyenene Primary School drama club after a short play on dangers of child labour.
Nearly two million farmers in Uganda depend on coffee for their livelihoods. But while this East African country is the eighth largest coffee producer in the world, most of its smallholder farmers live below the poverty line—lacking the funds to pay for their children’s schooling or hire farm workers. These conditions often result in child labor and limited educational opportunities, which only exacerbates the problem.
To help turn things around, the Rainforest Alliance has been targeting the root causes of child labor in two of Uganda’s critical coffee-growing regions, working with about 9,000 households in Masaka and Rwenzori. Rainforest Alliance began by raising awareness and fostering an understanding of exactly what constitutes child labor—a basic but crucial step for communities that have had little access to supportive public services.
With a challenge as complex as this one, it takes a collective effort to achieve long-term success. That’s why we collaborate not only with coffee-farming households and communities, but also with teachers, religious and cultural leaders, local government officials, and district education officers.
The RVO child education project is implemented by the Rainforest Alliance, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd (CH), CEFORD local NGO, and is partly supported by JDE. The project adopts an area-based approach working in majorly 3 sub counties in Kasese and 3 Districts in Masaka. In Kasese the project addresses child labour among children aged 5-13 years while in Masaka it focuses on children aged 13-17 in the coffee growing households.

Project 2 The RVO Gender, livelihoods and Child labour project

The RVO Gender, livelihoods and Child labour project is set to be implemented in Kasese District building on the success and learnings from the RVO child education project. To validate the assumptions upon which the new project is to be designed, a short baseline study is being undertaken from (project 1) that will inform the interventions for the 3 year Project 2 addressing child labour in the coffee growing communities.

The new project is funded by RVO, and implemented by the Rainforest Alliance, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd, Nespresso and a local NGO. The project will also work with Uganda coffee farmers Alliance/brand farm on the new RVO child labour project in Mubende to certify groups and set up the Assess & Address system.

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