Know Your Coffee Series

The Espresso Euphoria

Do you ever feel like your day can only start with a sip of dark, rich caffeine? If so, then welcome! This is the “Know Your Coffee Series,” where we delineate the world of coffee. In this edition, let’s explore the ins and outs of espresso, the original coffee available at all our WildCafes.

The tale of espresso begins in 19th-century Italy, where a quest for a quicker caffeine fix led to the birth of a brewing revolution. In 1884, Angelo Moriondo patented the first espresso machine, a steam-powered contraption that hinted at the future of coffee craftsmanship. He probably didn’t know at the time that he would be saving the mornings of almost 1 billion people (I think!). But Luigi Bezzera, a Milanese inventor, is credited with really creating espresso as we know it today. He patented improvements to the espresso machine in 1901, including the crucial element of pressure.  

And now, in the 21st century, espresso has become the heartbeat of social interaction. The espresso machine has evolved, becoming sleeker and more efficient, yet the essence remains the same – a miniature symphony of beans roasted to perfection, ground with precision, and then, in the blink of an eye, transformed into a concentrated elixir that packs a caffeinated punch like no other. That’s espresso—the James Bond of the coffee world.

But how does espresso differ from its drip-brewed companions? The pressure is everything. The beans are baptised in hot water under high pressure, producing a smooth liquid that encapsulates coffee flavour in a single, powerful shot. It’s the alchemy of coffee-making! Despite its intensity, espresso is versatile. One can either sip it solo for a quick caffeine fix or let it dance with steamed milk in a cappuccino or latte. The possibilities are endless, as is your creativity.

So, the next time you take a sip of espresso, remember that you’re indulging in a literal piece of art. And most importantly, “more espresso, less depresso!”

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