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Long Black - The Dark Knight

Welcome to yet another episode of the Know Your Coffee Series! In this piece, we are diving into the dark deep end of the famous Long Black that you can definitely pick up at The WareHouse or most of our WildCafes around the world. It might be of interest to you to know that Long Black derives its name from the nature and experience of the drink itself and not only the colour, as you might have thought. But first, where does this drink come from?  

The creation of The Long Black traces to the land of Australia. The beverage was inspired by the need for a stronger and much more robust coffee drink than the traditional Americano. Australians, renowned for their audacious outlook on life, decided to stretch the possibilities of espresso, and in so doing, birthed the dark and rich Long Black

At first sight, the Long Black may appear to be a replica of the Americano, but look beyond the surface, and you’ll begin to see the subtle but very evident differences. Much as the long black is an espresso-based beverage, like the Americano, and they both have espresso and hot water as the main ingredients, the drinks differ in their artistry of preparation. While an americano is made by pouring hot water over espresso, the opposite is true for a long black. With this technique, the drink keeps more crema than it would for an Americano and that is the main feature of the Long Black. Consequently, it is more concentrated, which makes the espresso’s flavour stand out more.

t is important to note that the water-to-coffee ratio is a delicate detail that can either make or break the Long Black. With too much water, it becomes a weak imitation and with too little, it’s a bitter affair. The magic lies in finding that sweet spot—a harmony that leaves your taste buds singing with joy. Keep in mind that timing is crucial. Pour the water too fast, and you risk disturbing the tranquility of the espresso. Pour it too slowly, and you’re left with a lukewarm disappointment.

As its name suggests, the Long Black is generally enjoyed without milk. The added water allows the coffee flavour to open and highlights the characteristics of the coffee bean and roast proficiency. Plus, you can enjoy your coffee for much longer – hence the term long. Given the nature of its make, it gives room for the underlying espresso blend to be more noticeable. Therefore, one should be more keen to use good-quality coffee to create this masterpiece

The Long Black is a craft that is meant to be savoured; one can’t possibly finish it in one go. You need to sip it like royalty and allow yourself to enjoy the rich texture that it provides along with the famous irresistible layer of crema, the coffee version of a well-groomed moustache. So, the next time you’re at a cafe, engage your taste buds in a little treat and have yourself a Long Black- the Dark Knight of the Coffee series!

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